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As Long As You Love Me by Ann Aguirre

As Long As You Love Me - Ann Aguirre

So honestly, I find it really hard to write a review for this one... not because I didn't like it. Nope, I liked it well enough.  I can't really explain what I didn't like about it actually. And if you look at my rating, I really should be able to say why and what was not to my liking. But I've been brooding over this long enough and still.. not much luck.

So I shall try and explain.


The writing style. Well, it's Aguirre. And we all know I love her prose. As Long As You Stay was as expected written beautifully. Aguirre really manages to get under my skin. I felt what the MCs went through, understood and connected with them. The smut.. hhhhhhmm... well.. let's just say Aguirre knows how to write. REALLY WELL. *smirks*


The character building was, again, as expected great. Lauren and Rob really changed and evolved throughout the book, and I loved the support cast. I like how even supposed bitchy characters changed and how I got a different view of them with time. Amazingly, Nadia seems such a different person from Lauren's POV.

But while I found Rob's insecurities endearing at the beginning, they started grating on me. He was way way way to touchy. Same goes to Lauren actually. And honestly around 65% in I was not very impressed with either of them. The end however and how it led to it, rectified all of it for me.


The story line is you usual romance with a twist. I enjoyed their romance, the flirting, the sizzles, while there was lots of that, there was NO insta-love/lust like in the first book. These two knew each other and cared a great deal for each other. Naturally there was lust and attraction but  there was also friendship.

The pace of this is a wee bit slow. And in general it felt really long wound. Though I love how Lauren solved things, I love that she set things straight, that she sorted herself out.

So while I adore that Aguirre added that aspect to the book, I also felt kinda bored by the angst and drama.

I think my biggest issue with the book was really, that it felt too long. It's long wound, but I couldn't point out exactly where it was too long....


I think this is probably one of the few romance novels, where the MCs do take action to change themselves actively and that are of great value for real life. The lesson that Lauren learnt: You need to know yourself - is a great message for all of us. I love that Aguirre in cooperate that into this series.


So I got to admit, when I finished. I did sigh happily. Then I thought about it, rated it from my gut. I have been thinking about it ever since. The rating is pure and utter subjective. Total gut feeling. The way I felt after I finished. But then again, isn't rating usually just how one feels?


A good book! A book that made me feel lots, that had my heart breaking for Lauren and Rob, that has some Delicious smut (written with a capitol D), that was entertaining and gave me happy sighs at the end. And all that was wrapped up in beautifully written prose and a gorgeous cover. (yeah covers are important) and topped off with a backstreet boys song for a title.  So a recommended read for lovers of the genre and the author.


Oh and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series The Shape Of My Heart!




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