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Althea & Oliver - Cristina Moracho

A friend had read the ARC of this, gave it five stars and a fabulous review, which made me take note of the book. Hence I scrambled to get a review copy. BUT sadly I only got an excerpt. NOW I am not a fan of those really. But I thought to myself, I might not like the writing style or I might not like the book, so this is a good thing. Well let me just tell you upfront, it was not. Cause this just left me wanting more!
The writing style is really witty, easy going, accurate and surprisingly deep.
The character building is so far, pretty incredible. This is should be way to short to have already connect the with the MCs. But more so, in this teeeeeeeny tiny excerpt I got a good feel for a lot of the support cast as well.
The story line, well you get thrown in at the middle - which byt the way is done expertly and speaks for Moracho's knowledge of her craft - and then.. it just stopped. DAMN excerpts!!!!
My rating is in a way an estimation, cause I doubt that this is going to go much worse than 4Stars...but also that's really what I would rate this tid bit of book piece I got.

So basically, I am now like Althea watching my clock, the 9th can't come soon enough