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New Mission

It's Thursday and I realised that I haven't really read much all week. With just a quarter an hour squeezed in here and there I just don't manage to keep up with my every growing TBR. Well, ok maybe that would be tragic anyway, since it would mean I run out of books I covet slowly but surely. While that is a releave somewhat, I feel kinda panicky about ARCs today. See I just got four new ones. They only due in 2015, but I got still 3 to read for this month and I got quite a few for October. Le'ts just put it out there: I am hopeless. I promised myself not to request too many. AND I did quite well for most of this year. Except for September and October where I got loads... Add to that that I got not just a huge event in October but two jobs lined up... well.. you get the picture. 


So while drinking my morning cuppa, I had a light bulb moment. - which by the way is proof that having a quiet cup of coffee in the morning is beyond beneficial *smirks*- 

If I could read faster... I would easlily read more in less time... AAAAN problem solved!


Being totally convinced that it is the solution to many many many of my book related issues I went and got a reading trainer app.It promises quick improvement in reading speed and comprehension. 

Now being me, the closet geek chemical engineer, I obviously will keep book.

So Thursdays shall be speed reading progress day... 


DAY 0 - WpM 334