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Snow Angels by Matt De La Pena

My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories - Stephanie Perkins

3 Stars


am totally a sucker for gotten-stuck-in-the-snow-somewhere stories...

It the ultimate cute & fluffy to me, since I am a winter romance kinda gal. 

And this is exactly what Snow Angels is about. But if you thing super cutsie, well think again. This is first of all written by from the POV of a guy. So cutsie just left the building. Second it's more the trying to find myself kinda story. 

I loved how De La Pena structured this short story. Super clever.  Slowly building up the characters. Their true stories slowly coming to light. 

After finishing though, I thought I didn't really like the two characters. But pondering over it for a bit I realised that wasn't right. I like Shy alot, and while Haley was a bit out there at times, I liked her as well. No my issue was the actually romance. I didn't get the chemistry. I didn't. There was friendship and all that, but then suddenly it changed and even then, I didn't feel it. 

Still I enjoyed the story. It's fun and thought provoking.