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Reading list for Week 34

No Weddings - Kat Bastion, Stone Bastion Illusions of Fate - Kiersten White A Seductive Melody - Crista McHugh Shattered - Kevin Hearne

Last week I made a reading list, which was really successful and a total fail at one.

Successful in that I felt motivated to read,I did read both ARCs I was planning to, and a couple of the other books on my list as well.

A total fail, because well I haven't written any reviews yet AND I ended up changing thing around.


So this week I decided to make a new list. Cause let's face it, I like making lists quite a bit. Well, ok. I like it a lot. But also I like to think about what I wanna read, browse books and more importantly keep myself up to date with ARCs.

So this weeks list is an ARC list, mostly. I thought since I anyway change my mind several time in the end I will just add a couple of books, that are on my never ending and ever expanding reading list, in between whenever what ever fancy strikes me.  

Then I also added Shattered, which I am currently reading. Reason being, I got the audio and am planning on listening to it during studio work. So basically it's just moved to audio of the week. I adore whisper-sync! Best invention ever!


So here I am all sorted for week 34. Let's see how my list-experiment works out this week!

Oh and if all goes well.. I am kinda hoping to start the Book of the Week again :)


What are you planning of reading next? Do you have a reading list as well?