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All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

All Lined Up - Cora Carmack

“I can’t walk away from you because I don’t want to. There are a thousand things I want and need to do, but you trump all of them. You drive me to distraction, and all I want to do is get lost in you . All I want to do is make you lose it, too. “


It took me long enough to read this! Well, actually it took me long enough to get around to reading this. Once I finally found a moment to read, I did so in one sitting. 

And let me tell you, Carmack did it again. Well, actually no that’s not quite right, she out done all her previous works. This is by far my favorite of her books. 


The story line has Carmack written all over it. So if you like her books- you going to love this one. But somehow, while the focus is on obviously on the romance, there are many threads binding this one together. So what at first glance looks like your really well written cute and fluffy, turn out to have way more depth to it than one first realises. Only while writing this review I am slowly grasping how much has been packed into this. Carmack brought the love of dance and football, the relationship between father and daughter, and last but not least Texas into this one. It’s less angsty then her previous books, more subtle but just as much character driven as all her works.

The only critic I would have is that some of the tensions just conveniently went away or ended up being a non-issue. But then again, I probably would have complained, that there was too much drama if Carmack would have taken a different route. 


You know what a sucker I am for great characters! And in this one, I actually loved every single character. In fact, I love them so much that I am hoping that Carmack is going to to a book for most of the support characters... Torres, Ryan, even Coach Oz. 

Dallas was easy to relate to. Her difficulties, her ambitions and her passions rang true just as much as her doubts, fears and commitment issues. Carson, oh well, Carson... He is your Carmack hottie with all the great character treats and great sense of humor. Simply my favorite male MC of Carmack so far. He totally out done my old favorite Hunter, by MILES

 "In the end, he picks a television show on Netflix instead of a movie....something British about time travel. He doesn't start it at the beginning, but instead starts me on an episode from one of the later seasons that he says can stand alone. It's a little cheesy, with some kind of techno sci-fi introduction music, but he seems excited about it"




 Both MC’s  battle with expectations, try to overcome fears and fight for high dreams. It’s relatable, in that we all do that in that age. Carmack however beautifully describes their battles, their worries and most of all their passions. The reason they dream high. 

The relationship between Dallas and her dad. *sigh* Fathers and daughters that are both stubborn that somehow struggle to find their way forward in their relationship. Gosh, it would be impossible to relate to them more. 


“He’d be wishing a lot harder if you’d added my suggestion.”

“Why don’t you go mentally scar a band member or something?”


My favorite part of the entire book though are the interactions and relationships between all the characters. They are so well written, they feel real. I feel like I got a glimpse  into a Texas Football team, like I became friends with some of them. Well, as I said, a sucker for character driven stories, but only when the characters are so well written that I feel like I know them for real.  More than any other of her novels, Carmack got it right this time. To be honest, so much of the novel rang true for me because I could relate to so many aspects of it, despite the fact that I know really little about Football and have never been in Texas. 




“ You're the thing that quiets all my worries and doubts and fears. You’re it for me. So fun if you’d like, but I’ll follow. You can try to hold me at an arms length, but I’ll never stop trying to pull you close.”




I love Carmack’s writing style. One of the reason’s I’ve read every single thing of hers I got my hands on. I loved her debut Losing it. It’s great. But this, I way better. It’s amazing to see how far Carmack has come, how much she honed her craft. Seriously impressive. 


So as I am traveling to BEA. I finally got around to read this. And frankly it couldn’t be more appropriate, because I am hopefully going to meet Carmack! Which at the moment totally outshines the fact that I will have to wait MONTHS before I finally get to read Silas Book.


When I read  Behind the Book, I wanted to hug Carmack! (well e-hug her, I’m not particularly touchy feely) It made everything so much more meaningful. I think lots of us gals can relate Fathers & Daughter has inspired a many great minds for a reason. But more so, I think being an expat made most of what she said resonate in my heart. THANK YOU, Cora *insert big hug*! It’s the most beautiful way any one has reminded me of my father, my relationship with him, my upbringing and my home!


In my opinion Carmack’s best novel to date. An absolute must read!