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Epic FAIL!

Weekends Required  - Sydney Landon

UGH!!!This totally back fired!


Let me explain:
I am super busy and wanted to listen to something light and fun while I work in the studio.. but also getting my my cute&fluffy fix for the weekend. I was hoping to find a new series to listen to so I could fill my studio time with some cute&fluffy, light fun for the next week.
I got this as an audio-expecting a fluffy romance.
But what I got instead was, well annoying.


I couldn't relate to ANY character, there was also no character growth. In short the character building was lacking at best. Each character was so cliche, so predictable that they actually grated on my nerves.

The story line, well I kinda expected predictable- its a romance you know, so it comes with the territory. But I was wrong- it wasn't just predictable it was boring. VERY boring.


The worst thing though- the dialogues. They felt stiff, recycled and half the time just annoyed me.
Though the writing style is not completely terrible, I am not a fan of it. It felt woody and unimaginative at times at other times it was repetitive and felt like Landon was trying to hard.


The only part of this book I thought was actually any good was the smut! Yes, exactly! The SMUT- the only redeeming feature. Which is why this has 1,5Stars. 


The narrator was ok. Honestly I would have DNFed if I would have read this myself. I am not sure, if I would recommend the narrator, since I didn't like the book. I think she made the reading more bearable, but I also have heard better narrations.

This book is to cliche and unimaginative for my tastes and it is the perfect example about everything I dislike in a romance novel. Well, except for that smut. That was actually quite yummy. Which is besides the point. Back to the issue at hand: My tenuous relationship with the genre has just been set back by at least ten books. I am not even sure I wanna dare reading or listening to anything in the genre for the foreseeable future.

I don't know if I should just ignore this and jump right back into cute and fluffy- cause I definitely didn't get my cutesy fix or if I should just go back to fantasy. Thing is instead of ranting right now, I really should be working. BUT Weekends Required just totally messed up my audio plans and my happy vibe. I am now forced to scour Audible for something to fix the mess my cute&fluffy fail has caused.

Wish me luck or even better send me recommendations for really good audiobooks that I might like!


Needles to say I wont be going on with this series.