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This weeks audio!

Because of Low  - Abbi Glines, Kirby Heyborne, Shayna Thibodeaux

I have lots of studio work this week- so time for some another audiobook.

And I went shopping again.. (Thanks to a very very nice friend on booklikes)


Frankly I love cute and fluffy shit while hammering the crap out of silver. 

I liked Breath, the first book in the series, but frankly I am pretty sure I liked it better thanks to the great narrators. Which is what makes any audio awesome or  a total flop. I am discovering that more and more.

Quite a few of the books I have done as audio's lately belong into that category. They not the awe-inspiring kinda books, they often a tad smutty and cute&fluffy, but mostly they entertaining. They don't occupy my mind - so I can still work. Hammering ones finger is not exactly the most pleasant experience (trust me on that one, I know). But all of them have been narrated superbly! So well in fact, that I am sure I enjoyed them way more than if I would have read them myself. So they in fact  got a guarantied higher rating than the book would. 


So while in the day my ears are going to be filled with the voices of Kirby Heyborne  and Shayna Thibodeaux, at night I shall be reading some ARCs 

SOOOO Double reading time :D