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Quicksilver Soul by Christine d'Abo

Quicksilver Soul - Christine d'Abo

First I should mention, that I haven't read the first book in the series, but this can easily work as a stand-alone. But that saying that, it would be shame to only read this book. Because the world building is really well done.
Then again, if you OCD about this kind of thing. Don't do this, because though it doesn't give much away about the previous book, there are hints...


I absolutely love d'Abo's descriptions of the mechanics and was super intrigued with the idea of the archivists.
Her gritty description of New London, the different guilds and affinities are fabulous. They reminded me of Meljean Brook's Iron Duke world- one of my favorite steampunk series, ever. This is a good thing, but I ended up reading The Kraken King Part 1 - a few days after this, which kinda pointed out to me why Brooks still holds the crown. Her imagination just beats the crap out of every steampunk book I ever read. But I transgress. Back to Quicksilver Soul.

The world building is really well done, it's my favorite part of the book.


The story lines was interesting. There a multiple POV, and as the story goes on- it becomes more and more clear how well d'Abo has planned this. See those POV choices are done very strategically, and while they do give away the mystery pretty early, those choices give you a clear idea of the characters and are essential to the character building. The pacing of the book is really well done as well. I think in fact, that all this things show d'Abo's skill in her craft. I really like her prose, in fact she has written the only BDSM book I ever read. And while it wasn't my cup of tea. I did like her writing style. Which was why I was so excited to read her steampunk novel- and accepted the request without even checking if it was a series or a standalone. I also started reading it without doing any of that. So I just jumped right in and I was captivated until the end.


The character building was done pretty well. I especially loved Keegan. I was mesmerized by his affinity, but also moved his changes and his growth. I hope he will feature in future book.
D'Abo in fact did a pretty good job on most characters, there were many facets even to the villain. While at first I thought it was just a black and white kinda thing- the super evil greedy dude against the genius goodie. But this was way more layer way more complicated. All grey zones, so totally my cup of tea.


Now all of this would make it around 4 Stars right?


Yes except I had issues with the romance. It was too insta-love for me and a bit too, I actually don't know. I found myself really liking the characters, enjoyed the action filled plot. But I was not really taken by their romance. The smut was ok. Don't miss understand me- it's good. Just now wow! This is exactly why I spent 5days wondering what to write in this review. Because it's not bad, it just didn't do it for ME. And I can't explain why. 

Then I had a tiny issue with the end. Because there was all this build up- the huge show down. And then everything was solved, just like that. And honestly it made me cringe, I felt like the end was too rushed.

Oh and one last word about the epilogue? It was brilliant! Because now I need to know more! Way more. Someone tell me when the next book is coming out?!
Well, I guess at least I can read the first book so long...


A must read series for steampunk lovers!