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Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles

If I would have to been asked how I felt about this book while reading it. - The answer would have been: hmmmmmm... lots of things
Now if you would ask me the same question after finishing it. The answer doesn't change much. It is: hmmmmm

Lots of my reading buddies loved this. I was sure to get my cute and fluffy fix out of this one. And hmmmmmm. I kinda did. But I also didn't.

I have read the book of Elkeles new series and new that I will like her writing style. And I definitely did. 
It's a well written book. As you know how I feel about prose, this is a big BIG plus. Elkeles makes me feel what her Characters feel, I do care for them. I enjoy her prose. So I think it's safe to say, its my favorite part of this book.

The characters were, nice. I got them, I cared for them. But they were cliche, and if I say cliche I mean CLICHE! Each and every one of them.
No surprise and those no spark. Don't get me wrong, as I said, I liked them- I even got them. And even the "baddies" were not over the top- which the route so many YA book these days choose. The were just unoriginal. But saying that. Alex is hawt- the chemistry between Bridget and him sizzling. And I loved the way they were together. 

NOW the plots- well, it's so predictable I knew where it was going about 5pages in... after chapter 3 I could have given you the entire rundown of the book. Oh and trust me, I was right. So it's your usual usual. Which is a total shame and the reason I feel rather let down. 
Thing is, the story was well told, I enjoyed the story- even if I totally knew what was coming. Which leaves me to believe this could have been way way WAY better. In fact about 70% in I needed a break, simply because I was kinda bored. I wish this would have been one of those books that captivated me. And if it would have had just one single twist that I couldn't have seen coming a mile off- I would have totally rounded this up to 4Stars. BUT sadly that's not the route Elkeles went. So I am rounding it down.

*WARNING!!!!!! so if you super fussy about spoilers skip this paragraph- as it could be seen as a minor spoiler*

Oh and maybe I am seriously jaded- and we all know I have not one romantic bone in my body- BUT the end?
I was a bit taken aback: He does barely have to explain the stuff that had happened?! He just made assumptions and acted on it, and I just was like; whoa wait?! How about groveling for 5 seconds? OR even better how about checking if it's OK with HER?! Just sayin, I would have wanted a tad bit more than just HIS plans. 

spoiler section over - everybody can look again

All in all a good cute and fluffy - but sadly a wee bit wasted potential.
Still I am not only going to read more of Elkeles, I am going to definitely go on with the series.
Recommended for YA romance lovers, who don't mind predictability too much