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My Life From Hell by Tellulah Darling

My Life From Hell - Tellulah Darling

When the series started I felt a bit iffy about it. I wasn't really a fan of Sophie, wasn't sure about Kai- and Hannah didn't get raving reviews of me either. I wasn't sure if I liked this version of Persephone's story. I just.. wasn't quite sure.
Then came the dreaded sequel in 2013. After so many of them being beyond disappointing- I was worried about this one. BUT I liked My Date better. My issue this time- a tad bit too melodramatic.
So how did the third and last book in the series fare? Well it was not only a good ending to the series- it was also my favorite.

The plot is action packed- as in the previous two books. There is so much going on. Literally never a dull moment! And I enjoyed the ride thoroughly!
It's another action packed page-turner. The ending is sweet but more so extremely satisfying. While I did see some twists coming, I still was shocked by them or rather how much they actually effected me.
I actually do attribute that to the character building. It was great to visit the odd-ball crew again. While there is still lots of drama- we talking drama-queen-Goddess after all- there is also way more depths. Sophie does do a lot of growing up. And I mean A LOT!
All of the characters were way better done this time around. Theo is still my fave, but they all grew on me! All the characters even the badies, were given way more depths. So I feel like I know them, I cared for them. The twists and turns, mattered to me- because they affected the characters.
In the end suddenly the drama-queen left the room- things became clear and I really loved the conclusions Sophie came to. A good reminder for all of us. Love does matter. Love changes things. But we chose, we need to make the choice first.

The world building was one of my favorite things in this series. I loved it in the first book, adored it in the second- and I feel Darling went all out in this one. My Life from Hell takes the world building to the next level. So many more places visited, so many ends tied up and all in an elegant, exciting and beautiful way. It's like Darling added about 5extra layers to the picture- taking it from 2D to 3D.

I feel in love with Darling's smack-down, fun and snarky humor in Sam Cruz and having read everything she published to date I very clearly like her prose. But to my surprise I got more than I expected. I think this is possibly even better than Sam Cruz- which was my reigning favorite of Darling's books so far. While this is still fun, fast and yeah it's full of that great humor- it also is beautiful and has depth, while still being cute and fluffy and kick-ass.

Darling managed to bring it all beautifully together in this last installment of the series. Leaving me happy-gooey and wanting more.
Seriously does anyone know what we can expect next from her? Or even better when is Darling's next book coming out?