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Grimm Consequences by Kate SeRine

Grimm Consequences - Kate SeRine

So I got to admit first up- I did the unthinkable and read a sequel as my first book.
A thing I am actually quite happy to do, though I know quite a few of my reading buddies will be appalled and shake their heads at my nerve. How could I ever? Well, frankly I like the idea of reading a novella by an author I don't know. It gives you an insight to their reading style, which as you all know by now, is the making or breaking of a book for me.


Before I go on though, I should admit after reading this, I did wonder for a minute about my wisdom in ignoring the reading order of a series- because let's face it, many novellas in a series never do live up to the actual books. So I ended up rounding my rating up- because to be honest this was kinda between good and ok for me- which would be 2,5 Stars... and usually I round my half stars down.


Then again I got to say my biggest issue with the book was the writing style. It wasn't bad. No! It was just not for me. I sadly can't even point out what it was, just that it was somewhat to simple maybe? But honestly all I can say; I didn't enjoy it much, which in turn means I probably won't be reading the series despite the fact that there are many good points to this- and in here lays the other reason for the 3Stars as well.


The plot was fun to say the least. Action to my hearts content! Non stop excitement, never a dull moment kinda of a plot. So right up my alley.


The world building is awesome! Despite not having read the first novel I was never lost. I really like the idea of this, seriously it's fabulous. So so very clever! There are so many cool details, SeRine took the putting a spin on the fairytale to a totally new level! I am always a bit weary about the retelling of my beloved fairytales- but SeRine leans on things we all know, and spins them to a totally new and exciting tale. Just inspiring!


The character building was alright. But here comes my call to caution, I am not sure if I am the best judge for this one. There were 300pages of book before this- which I graciously skipped- so I got to say please take my view with a pinch of salt. It might be a totally different experience if you actually follow the known procedure by reading book 1 first. But having just read Grimm Consequences; the character building was just alright. I found it hard to connect to the two MCs, though I kinda like them. I am sure the writing style was one of the reasons for that as well. I did care for them and wanted things to work out, but I don't feel like I actually know much about them after reading this or felt connected to them and I couldn't relate to them.


After doing the unthinkable will I read the series? I don't think so, because I didn't enjoy the prose. But I loved the world building, so I might one day give it a try, just in case I changed my mind... you never know.

Would I recommend this to my friends? YES! If you like PNR, give this a try! The world building and storyline is fabulous! SeRine is one of the most innovative authors I've read in a while. Hopefully you will like her writing style better than I did.
A word of caution.. maybe start with book 1?