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Turn up the Heat by Kimberly Kincaid

Turn Up the Heat - Kimberly Kincaid

I am sick at the moment. Down with the flu. So it seemed a really good idea to read cute and fluffy. At least I thought so.

I am more suceptable to mushy feelings when I am ill and I found myself unable to concentrate. A light romance seems just the way to go. So theoretically this was a win win situation.

In fact, I swear Sweet might have gotten a star less, if I read without the flu. 

So one would think Turn up the Heat was well set to get a minium of three stars right?

Well, sadly. No.

And this isn't even craptastic.... I didn't laugh one single time. Crinch a hell of a lot. Top that with having to put the book down every single chapter, to take a break. Yeah it WAS that painful. Would this not have been an ARC, it would have been thrown on the DNF pile. 


Ok let me point out the good things before going into detail of the crinch-worthyness in all its glory. 

I liked Kincaid's writing style. I honestly think she can write. I just didn't care what she did write about. 

I liked when she described the passions of the two MCs, or when she decribed the mountain. Kincaid can write pretty well. 

The smut. WELL, the smut... *grins* let me tell you, in all honesty. NEVER have I craved more smut in a book. In this book, I found myself wishing for more. First it was really really well written, yeah as I said Kincaid can write. Her smut is beautiful, sensual, hot and sigh-worthy. Second it was the only thing in this book I enjoyed. and it is the reason this got 1,5 stars rather than .


Now for the crinch gallore.

I really didn't like a single character in this book. I really disliked Holly, she was beyond annoying. Jenna was a tad better, but the three girls together - what a nightmare!

Seriously is that how Kincaid think uptown girls are? Bellamy is supposedly a graduate with an MBA from UPenn, so she is supposed to be clever. The moment she was with her friends, she became a totally dizzy bafoon. It was beyond annoying. 

Jackson, was your typical bestie. Not bad but totally uninspired.

Grady. Can you say cliche?
The parents? PHLEEASE!! cliche? ding ding ding!

I liked Shane well enough, till the drama. And then he was just, so imature. In fact all of these characters are supposed to be 27 and 29.... they felt like 22 at best?

See the angst and drama would make sense then. I could not relate to their issues, simply because they were to old to behave like that. It just made me think grow a back bone! And while you at it GROW UP!

I don't refer to Bellamy's insecurities about her chosen profession. Hell, I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do for a long time. I did the same thing.  Graduate at a presticious uni, work and discovered that while I am ok at it, its not what I want. So I did search for a long while till I found what I really wanted to do. So her search professionally. I could relate too. I really couldn't relate to how they all dealt with everything else. 

Which bring me to the story line. First they meet because her car breaks down. Insta -lust here we go! 

Then they end up together- again cliche deluxe. Oh an the big L hits obviously. He keeps a secret (though this was my favorite part since there was really good smut here!) 

Then the drama happens...secret gets revealed.... tears, sulking, depression whatever

then everything is just suddenly solved 



Cliche? Hell to the yes!

But to add insult to injury. The drama happened at 85%. That's also when his "dark"secret get revealed. Ok, can I just say I never expect THAT and it was so disappointing. I mean really? WTH?!

at 93% all of it was solved. Secret problem over and done with. ...

OH and the worst part? There wasn't even a smut scene at the end. I mean Kincaid could have at least given me that, since I did read through all the mush. AND i MEAN mush and dizz. And then they made up WITH no SEX??!!



Will I read the next one? Uhm. Nope

Will I read another book of Kincaid. Possibly? But only if one of my reading buddies test reads it first.