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Breakaway Hearts

Breakaway Hearts - Crista McHugh

OMG! Seriously! Just OMG! 


McHugh got me fangirling on many levels on this one. First Ben- a hockey player.. need I say more? Then the whole sports injury thing... add to that the entire hockey thing.. I mean winter sports! I am a winter romance kinda girl- because of winter sports!  BUT mostly this is a serious cute and fluffy fix!


Was the story line surprising with unpredictable twists and turns? Uhm, I wish I could say no. It was utterly predictable no surprises anywhere. But did I care? NOPE.

In fact while this one had insta-lust, unlike in the first book I found Ben and Hailey build up their relationship in a way more realistic way. Which is why I enjoyed this book more.

Oh and as before the smut didn't disappoint, at all. 


The character building is done well, as in the last book. I like Hailey and Ben. The book is written alternating from both their POVs and they have different voices. I could relate to their fears and passions. I like them probably better than Adam and Lia. But then again I wasn't really into their insta-love relationship, so this could be the big damper there. It was nice to get glimpses of Adam again. I really like the relationship the brothers have. And I liked Patrick as well. Seems McHugh writes  swoon-worthy dude characters seriously well!

Both Hailey and Ben do some serious growth during the story and over come their difficulties. I really enjoyed that part of the novel - besides the romance bit. Which I have to admit I was all gooey over. But in my defense, Ben is a hockey player damnit! I never had a chance there did it?

The only thing again was that the support characters were rather cliche again. The stepmum and dad- were your run of the mill kinda characters. But again I couldn't care less. Because Hailey and Ben made up for it more than enough! 



I have read quite a few of McHugh's books, so it's safe to expect that I will like her writing style. And I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact she wowed me with her writing about skating- I mean it's so good. I felt the ice calling me! I should maybe explain that I am in Cape Town at the moment, it's in the middle of summer here... so feeling like I wanna be back on the ice  right this moment is quite a feat. She also got the getting back after an injury thing so right. See I had a knee injury snow boarding- took quite a bit of guts to get back on the board, back in the game. Ben's worries, his fears and his reaction was so well written- it was so similar to how I felt at the time of my injury. 

I left me wondering- how did McHugh get it so right? Does she play hockey? Did she have a knee injury as well? Seriously well written for sure.


Which leaves me with a million of questions- few are about the series. Most importantly is McHugh writing a book for each Kelly brother? PLEASE let the answer be yes! 

But I wanna know how does McHugh write one novel about the food business and the next about hockey --- and I am freakn awed by both of them with her background knowledge and insight! HOW? I want an interview! I wanna know who Crista McHugh is and how does she go about writing these kind of novels?

oh and how do I get my hands on the next sequel of this?