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Gotta Go To Come Back (The Abby George Series)

Gotta Go To Come Back - Anne Kemp I started this series by getting an ARC of the first book- a novella as well- through Netgalley.
And I got hooked by the characters more than anything else- went and got the second book immediately and read it. Then I got Gotta Go to Come Back. So I read all three sequels back to back.
Sadly I think this is the worst in some ways. Because Abby started to really annoy me! About three quarters into this, I just felt like shacking her. Her need to have options and way them all up, getting into a tizz about them, not making any decisions was annoying. Especially considering she actually had made decisions already. She had chosen, so behaving the way she did, was her doubting her previous decisions and honestly I felt totally like Andrew. So GOT his reaction.
The thing I really did enjoy in the series though are the different relationships Abby does have. And I really enjoy her relationship with Ben. Kemp somehow got that part down, she excels at writing about the different relationships in a way that's endearing but also so realistic it strikes a cord within me.
Though not my favorite in this series, I enjoyed meeting the old crew again and a few mysteries were lifted but also there are a few more added to the list of unanswered questions from Rum Punch Regrets.
Which make me wonder is there going to be another installment?

Fun, light read, especially for lovers of the series