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Alabaster: Wolves

Alabaster: Wolves - CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan, Steve Lieber, Rachelle Rosenberg Dark and haunting, yet still incredibly delicate and beautiful

This is a collection of the miniseries. I have never before read any of them so it was a first encounter with Dancy for me. At first I thought the story line was rather the usual straight forward dystopian. But then layers were added, pasts were revealed, questions were raised… and it became more and more intriguing.
The question I was left with who was the really monster? The one that was never given a choice and made into one- or the one that brings death in its wake no matter how good the intentions?
The ending was not an ending at all- I am hoping that Kiernan will do another sequel.
The last few pages with the goblin kinda confused me actually. Might be because its an ebook- still I wasn't sure what suddenly happened or where it fits it with the rest of the story.

The thing that definitely does make this a fantastic graphic novel is the art work.
The art work is beautiful!The ink and pencil work really good. The colors are incredibly well chose for the mood of the story.
In fact there are many amazing details in the art work that underline the story line.

The novel is beautifully dark and haunting. At first glance a dystopian paranormal that is beautifully illustrated but with hidden depth that slowly unfold and leave one thinking. While it has powerful fight scenes and horror in it, it also has a gentle and surprisingly subtle side to it.

Definitely a must for lovers of this genre!

art work 4.5stars
storyline 3.5stars

ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in return for a honest review. Thank you!