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Christmas Catch (The 12 NA's of Christmas)

Christmas Catch (The 12 NA's of Christmas) - Chelsea M. Cameron 3,5 Stars

PROSE: I actually have read one of Cameroon's Books already. So I knew I would most probably enjoy her prose . And I did. Cameroon's writing style crisp and straight forward. She manages to make one get a feel for a place, she paints moments beautifully without being to frilly or melodramatic.

CHARACTER BUILDING: This was my favorite part of the novella. It was great. I loved the Saltwater inhabitants. Sawyer and Ivy have great chemistry. And I wouldn't mind revisiting Saltwater in a fulllengths novel.

PLOT: Was totally predictable. It's a come home meet old flame story.
BUT who cares? It was cute and fluffy at it's best! I laughed and grinned and felt all warm and fuzzy!
There are some really great moments and the smut was pretty good as well. A light and sweet read

Cameroon has definitely established herself in my cute and fluffy author list. I am looking forward to her next book!

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