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Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton i am still bouncing between 2 and 3 stars. why aren't there half stars?!!
its 2.5 Stars
The thing that made me bump this up to 3 stars was definitely the banter, it was super funny and sexy....
after thinking about it a bit.. i did bump it down after all. to much babbling and cliche. Actually other than the banter i didnt enjoy the book that much.

Honestly I ended up liking this more than I initially thought.
About 20% in I wouldn't even have given it 2stars.... it was just so cliche, and I found Caroline rather whiney and that kinda annoyed me.
It was really fun to read how their truce slowly became a friendship.
The banter between Caroline and Simon was really sexy and funny! Their chemistry sizzling.
Sadly I got bored hearing how the wooing and Simon were oh so great and all the worries about the missing O. The whole o thing in fact, really was annoying.. just get over it! freakn hell!
All in all there were many cute and funny parts to this but it was also loaded with cliches and very predictable. Honestly without the banter, this would have not even been two stars.
oh and who does call theirs vagina whoha to themselves? do people actually do that?!

Nevertheless I do love group reads!! What we reading next?!