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The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart

The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart - Meljean Brook And she did it AGAIN!

"I intend to brand myself so deep into you that you could write a thousand stories but still not picture a life without me. That is my purpose."

The first third of this serial, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I was feeling a bit irritated by Zenobia's insecurities, was wondering if Brook is going to do another back and forth, fell upset about the separation...and then BAM! *insert a turn in the story* And I was all over this shit!
I was eaten out of Brook's hand, was gobbling up each word, was feeling gooey, was impressed and awed and well left another pile of mush on the floor wishing it was Tuesday.
So as you might gather out of my rumblings, the story lines was rather satisfying.
The world building. Should I repeat myself? Oh well, I am going to. If you don't wanna hear AGAIN how amazeballs it is.. go ahead and skip this. But seriously, this has probably the least world building of all the installments so far. But even then Brook added new exciting elements to the ever growing world of Iron Seas. Her descriptions had me mentally gasping. She painted beautiful moments with her words, add another surprising element to it all and well, I.. well.. left me moved by the beauty she described and kinda speechless.
This installment is heavy on character building. It left me officially and certified in love with Ariq. I could fangirl for hours on end. But I shall just say: Loyal, strong, caring and hot! *Fans herself*
Zenobia was a tad annoying about certain things, too insecure too doubting.  And coming from miss commitment issues over here that says a lot. But then again it does fit her character, it is understanding given her history.
In fact in this installment I connect most with the two MC's, it felt like I got to become friends with someone I kinda knew.

I am swamped with work- so Serial Thursday ended up being the following Monday post. I think this might have been one of the few times I was glad that I only had time to read on Sunday night... less wait till Tuesday. Cause I am waiting here with baited breath! Less the 48 hours to the next installment! *looks at her kindle in anticipation* soon! *grins*

On a different note:
As I said before, I like the idea of Serials. For sentimental reasons mainly, but also I enjoy the whole getting tidbit here and there, waiting, the anticipation, the waking-up to a new serial on my kindle... all of it is fun. Though I had my doubts after the third serial- I am loving the process and enjoying the whole event.
My biggest issue though about it is the price, quite frankly I refuse to pay more than $11 for ebooks- with very few exceptions- I then rather will spend money on a hardcopy. So paying $1.99 per serial... makes this nearly a $16 book. SO frankly I have been wondering if I should have just waited and bought a paperpack. There have been lots of discussion about that issue and this week Brook sent out a mail explaining why she does a serial:

First of all, the answer is a flat-out NO. I would never do that. I know that not all of my readers like the serial format (or the price tag) but I didn't release the book like this to bilk as much money as possible from those who are willing to pay. Quite simply, the serial was the only way I could get the book to you before this upcoming winter. If you don't like the format, please be aware that the full book is still coming later this year, which is when it would have been released, anyway. The serial just offers an option to those readers who would like to get it before the regular release date later this year. (If you would like a longer explanation, I talk about this more on my blog here.) 

And with that Brook has won me over on the price tag as well. Because honestly, I spend more than $2 on coffee each day. After all I am enjoying my Serial Thursdays and with that I am actually happy to pay that price.
So this week Brook won me over on many many levels and reconfirmed her place among my favorite authors.