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Daughter of the Pirate King

Daughter of the Pirate King - Tricia Levenseller After finishing I was baffled as to how to rate this.
It's the same old question though isn't it. Because rating is really completely subjective, though I do try and look at it objectively. In the end rating has a lot to do with how much one enjoys a book.
And here lies my dilemma. I like the idea of the book. I do. In theory this should totally be my favorite book EVER. I mean it's like Pipi Longstocking goes YA, with a splash of Pirates of the Caribbean and a good dose of Greek mythology.
Totally up my alley. Right?
I actually struggled heavily reading the first half. In fact would this not have been an ARC I definitely would have DNFed at 25%. But as it was an ARC. I read on.
I am pleased I did, because somehow around 75% I found myself invested in the book and didn't even mind the writing style very much.

The writing style is the first hurdle for me here. I am not a fan. It's not my cup of tea. I found Alos not witty or boisterous. I just found her annoying for pretty much half the book. Then Levenseller changed the storytelling style a tad, less bragging more story telling and I grew to like her more.

The cast was very cliche. I mean VERY. It felt too much like any good old pirate flick I have seen, trust me I saw alot of them as a child. Pipi was my absolute hero for several years. But again, suddenly at the end, I realised though they all are extremely cliche, they did grow on me. Somehow Levenseller did add unique details to them and I found myself caring for them.

The plot is quite entertaining. Again very piratey and reminiscent of many pirate flicks I have seen.

At the end however, I found myself wondering where the story goes and I am planning to read the next installment.
That's why I ended up rounding 2.5 Stars up to 3.

To be honest I think I would have loved this a movie. I think someone should make a movie out of this! It reminds me of some childhood favorites and I think it would be simply a good pirate romp!