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Coming Up for Air (Hundred Oaks)

Coming Up for Air (Hundred Oaks) - Miranda Kenneally So, Kenneally did it again. She has been churning out wonderful cute&fluffies with lots of heart and Coming Up for Air fits right in there.
It's cute, swoony, has lots of heart and is one of those books, one reads in one sitting. Which is exactly what happened to me today, I was just going to start the book, quickly over a short break... and I ended up extending the break a little bit (ok way longer than expected) and finishing the book.

Kenneally has a winning formula if you ask me. The books are well written, they cute, swoony and have great characters.
Coming Up for Air is totally character driven. I loved the little group of friends. I enjoyed Levi and Maggies drive and love for swimming. I also absolutely loved reading about their struggles and hard work in the sport and the reminder, those top athletes give up a lot be where they are.
I totally connected to Maggie, her insecurities and worries. I like how she found her way when it comes to sports, life and love.
Levi is sweet and swoony, really infuriating and such a teen boy. But I totally fell for him.
I love how little bitchy-ness goes on here, btw. I mean there are some dramas and fights ect, but no melodramatic. There is no bitchy cliquey crap going on. No mean girl vibes.. just things that actually feel like real life. I think this is why I enjoy this series so much. The characters feel realistic and relatable.

The story line is your best friend to lover kinda story. It's not something new, it is very enjoyable. And Kenneally added her own spin to it, which makes this oldie but goodie feel fresh and even somewhat unique.
The epilog didn't quite work for me, I mean I love Sam and all, I quite enjoyed hearing about their lives- but I felt cheated out of my extra bit of Maggie and Levi.

Coming Up for Air works as a stand-alone just like all previous books in the series. It is set at Hundred Oaks Highschool and loosely related to the previous books. It's another thing I like about the series, the fact that all the books work as a standalone but also that Kenneally pics different groups of friends, yet time goes on chronologically, so if you read all the books, you sometimes get a glimpse of the previous characters and what happened to them (especially Sam and Jordan)

MUST read for this summer!