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The Perfectly Imperfect Match (Suttonville Sentinels)

The Perfectly Imperfect Match (Suttonville Sentinels) - Kendra C. Highley sigh
So honestly, I've been thinking what I should write in this review for days and days.
Because frankly my response to the book, is a big sigh. A good one mind you, the kind of sigh that is full of contentment and swoony cute & fluffy feels.
Yeah, so basically Highley killed any logical response I am trying to come up with. It is that cute.
The Perfectly Imperfect Match is the third book in the Suttonville Sentinels series and I am pretty sure it's my favorite. I love that we get to revisit the previous books characters. It was an added bonus. But I should mention that this works as a stand-alone as well.. The support cast in this made me love the book even more, I love the different family dynamics. I adore the siblings relationships the most, though not really smooth sailing, it feels authentic and real. Having 3 sisters, being a middle child, meant I could relate to each situation. How ever while we at this, I found the brother's claims a bit annoying. I mean who owns anyone? Why even accept it? Because let's face it each person has his own place with everyone else and I think it's best one gets taught that really early in life, it saves a lot of dramas. I was very glad when that issue was settled.
Lucy and Dylan are both likeable, relatable and I adore them. I am not into baseball at all. But I understand them both a little. I was more of a rebel but I also was always driven. I think most people will be able to relate, because we all a bit of Lucy and Dylan, but more we all search for our way and try to hold to ideas of ourselves when we grow up.

The storyline is sweet and it has most of your typical cute & fluffy elements. But Highley has thrown in some cute twists and made it quite unique with some wonderful details. While I adore the story and I really enjoyed the book, my biggest issue lies in the romance. It is the reason why this is not 5stars for me as well. It was a bit, actually let's just say it as it is: It was a lot too insta for me. I completly got over it by the end but the first half, felt way too insta.

The writing style is just as expected insightful and contemporary. There is some great humor in here. But there are also some amazing, beautiful and moving descriptions. Those are my favorite part of the book and the main reason for my sighing.
I am hoping there is another book in the series, simply because they are the perfect cute and fluffy kind of read. Alas I have no clue what Highley plans to publish next, but I know I will read it.

A great book to take to the lake (or beach) with during a warm day!