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The Sweetheart Sham

The Sweetheart Sham - Danielle Ellison I loved this so much!
The Sweetheart Sham is a beautiful coming of age story about love, faith and courage.
It's a story about moving on from past mistakes and accepting the people we love most. A story about a small southern town with all its charm and quirkiness.
Simply beautiful and heartwarming.

I am in love with the book. But actually, no that's not right. I am in love with the characters.
If we look at the storyline, it's nice. It was wonderful to read. But not something super exciting. It's paced just right, there were no big surprises. It doesn't need that, however. It was a love story alright. But the story isn't just about the love between Georgie and Beau. But it's about all kinds of different love. So the relationship dramas, while I liked the swoony parts a lot, it was secondary.

The writing style is simply on point. It's a bit soppy at times- (hello I am still me cold-hearted as ever! lol) - but just the right amount of it. It is an ode to having faith in love.
As Beau puts it:
"Something I'm learning is that love requires faith"
In a nutshell, that is what the book is about. A group of friends learning to have faith in each other and their family. Plus the super hot basketball player to swoon over

This thrives on the character-building. I want more of Culler and it's residents. soon, please? I have no idea where Ellison is going next with the series. I have some ideas.. but well, I don't even care. I just would like more of Culler.
The whole book is written from Beau and Georgie's POV, there are also back flashes thrown in. And it took the last interlude of the past to actually get why Georgie acted the way she did through half of the book. I kept thinking, she is so self-involved. And she was that and drama queen at times as well. But then who isn't at that age? In the beginning, I wasn't a huge fan of her. But she grew quickly on me. She is very loyal and honest. A strong female lead, learning to find balance and to see others situation. I love her relationship with Layla. By the way can we please get a book with Layla? She is such an interesting character (I would love to see her with Jack for some reason lol)
Beau is swoony. Like seriously. All broody, yet super sweet. He is so honest, so set to do the right thing. I could totally relate to his fears, his hurt and his insecurities. But he isn't just hot and all that. The best part is how he changes in this book, how he accepts that sometimes people make mistakes. It was heartbreaking and moving to see the change in his relationship with his dad.
The relationship between Will and Georgie is priceless. I love the trio and their bond. In fact, I liked the whole gang. I like the easy camaraderie, but more than that, their teasing and yet their support for each other.
Then there are the families... well I could go on. Let me just say, the character building is brilliant. Ellison brought interesting and intricate characters to life with her writing. I feel like I got to know Culler, it's quirky history and surroundings, but most of all its residents. And I want more!

So definitely a must read.
And when is the next book coming out?
4.5 I want so much more of this stars