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Look basically: I want more!

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan: A Steampunk Romance - Kristen Painter

Let's just put it out there... this is way to short. I mean it's a good length for a novella.. BUT I want more.


I loved the character building. In a few pages Painter made me feel like I know Pandora and Theo. I got where they were coming from, what drove them and felt like I knew them. Then this isn't really surprising, because I kinda got to expect this when I read anything by Painter.


The story line is sweet, a bit too insta love for miss-commitment-issues over here, but again, it's a novella. There are actually quite a few obstacles and issues put up- then Theo just found the most simple solution possible. - the novella part I guess...

The world building was interesting. Not quite a steampunky- aka technical as I would like but in 80+pages Painter painted a clear background. And I would love to know what she would come up with, if this was longer...


The end by the way is perfect, just like I like my short stories to end. Left me wanting more but also left me thinking of all possibilities!


I wish this would have been a full length novel, because I am sure Painter would have elaborated, where it was all a bit too fast for me.
But alas it is a novella and I enjoyed every single page of it.

I am however left hoping Painter will consider writing a full length novel set in the same world!