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If We Were A Movie (Power of the Matchmaker) - Kelly Oram

So the big question remains..

If we were a movie...What would we be?



I've just asked Mr. O that question.

His answer?

I thought you were more the if we were a song kinda a girl.. actually you are, but you even more if we were a book kinda girl.


Helpful much?!

I am totally aware of that! I always have a theme song to my current life. So yeah, he got it right the first time around.

Hence I could totally relate to Jordan's outlook on life. In fact, now I keep thinking about what movie I am could be in... the little problem is, I am so not a movie buff... So guess I just keep having theme songs and read books instead.


Why do a babble on about movies you wonder? Well, because Oram related every scene in the book to a movie. Starting with Sliding Doors and ending with Love, Actually. I totally love the way she incorporated over 30Movies- two imaginary once, related to her previous books (so cool!) - into this fantastic cute & fluffy. In my opinion this is Oram at her best!


Full review to follow on release day!


Until then I shall give you the movies list:


Sliding Doors


Joe Versus The Volcano

She's The Man

The Princess Bride

The Druid Prince

The Usual Suspects

Step Up


How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days

Back To The Future

Sid and Nancy

Almost Famous

Save The Last Dance

Someone Like You



Music and Lyrics

V Is For Virgin


The Avengers


The Proposal

Home For The Holidays

Kill Bill

Moulin Rouge

Nation Lampoon's Christmas


White Christmas

Die Hard

Knocked Up

Shakespeare In Love

Gone Girl

Fatal Attraction

Sleepless in Seattle

Love, Actually


(and references to Matrix and Arachnophobia )


So what movie would you be?