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 The Girlfriend Request  - Jodie Andrefski

I love Entangled Crush and have come to expect solid cute & fluffies from them. And The Girlfriend Request does deliver!

I enjoyed this falling for the best friend story and like that Andrefski showed that sometimes hiding behind the world wide web seems easier than actually talking straight to the person.
Naturally this brings a buttload of drama with it- because well, making a fake FB account, can never ever bring happiness after all...

I love Adrefski's writing style. It's straight to the point and contemporary. Both Eli and Emma's POV are clear and different. And I got their confusion and pain and related to both of them- well most of the time. I shall get into this a wee bit later however.

The story line had a few twists and turns, but I wasn't surprised by a single one. It doesn't matter however, because this is a classic high school cute & fluffy and while one is totally aware of the destination, one - well I particularly am in for the ride.

This shines with the character building. I did like all of the characters. Andrefski did a great job. Because I liked the support cast so much I would like to read more about them as well. I adored Eli and Emma. Their little quirks and bits and pieces that made them a team...I got most of their confusion. It did remind me of being their age again, one has these ideas and expectations but essentially we all a tad lost and confused. It's a time of finding oneself and finding ones path, and also a time of utter stupidity at time.

So why is this just 3.5 Stars? Honestly? I found their inability to communicate really annoying. Actually let me correct that. While I wanted to smack Emma for the stupid fake account, I kinda thought, well know people who would do that... Then when they were all confused I felt for them... BUT when Eli did spill it all and asked Emma to talk. She didn't even listen and she didn't speak up as well. She just well, expected him to know. And even worse she kept trying to manipulated him. Now I know actually many grown women who do that. So I guess Andrefski hits a point there. But personally I can't handle the whole smoke and mirrors thing- just freakn man up and say what you want. Speak the heck up. I get that it's scary and that it's hard to put ones heart out there... BUT if you want to gain a heart you gotta bare yours. And well if you don't the result is guaranteed heartache or at best a relationship that is built on deception and dishonesty. I felt that this wasn't actually stressed enough. I feel in fact if we would tell teenager out there to drop the act and be straight with the ones that we hold dear- we all would have much less heartache... but Emma does redeem herself and the end is really cute.

Another great addition to Entangled Crush.
Definitely worth reading for lovers of the genre!!