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My favorite in the Series so far

The Vampire's Fake Fiancée - Kristen Painter

Painter wowed me with another good installment in the Nocturne Fall Series.

It's not a secret, that I love the series. And The Vampire's Fake Fiancée is so far my favorite.


I've been anticipating Sebastian's story right from the first book in the series. So I was very excited about this one. But honestly I was really surprised by the story line- first I kinda didn't expect that Painter would go the whole Tessa line. Second I was most surprised by the end. I really didn't expect that Painter would go that way. But I absolutely adore that she did.

The plot is a take on the fake-fiancée becomes more... I loved it. It's super cute.

We finally get to hear how Sebastian ended up the broody Mr. Melancholy and why he pined over that elusive wife of his.


Set in Nocturne Falls, a place followers of the series have come to love, it's actually much lighter on the world building than most of the previous books. It's mostly set in Sebastian's home, I think that is kind of the reason for it. Still it's the usual wonderful and fun set up. We get to know the world of walkyries this time around. Painter did a fabulous job at taking known mythology and adding her own imaginative details. Loved the sword!


This installment is definitely character driven. And I think is does shine in this department as well. I loved Sebastian in the previous books, but I adore him now. But my favorite is definitely Tessa. She is grounded, strong, loyal and kind. I could relate to her, she is kickass with a tender heart and her reaction at the end, was so real and so level headed I utterly adore her!

My least favorite character: Evangeline. I found her too over the top and I was not quite satisfied with her reaction at the end. I mean I get she is spoilt and self-involved-- but well maybe she was just a tad too much?

We get to see quite a few of the previous characters, which is always a great pleasure. And we got to know more about Julian. I adore him!! And I got good news for all you Julian fans out there: Painter said that he will get his own book as well... but it will be a while yet. Still I can't wait!


IF you love the series. Definitely a must read. But if you haven't - this works as a stand-alone, just like all the previous books. If you like the genre, looking for a cute and entertaining read, give this a go... or even better start with book 1 ;)