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Solid & Intruding Start of Series

City of Light - Keri Arthur

I really enjoyed City of Lights. There were many good surprises and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

Let's get straight to the point: I loved the world building. It's imaginative and unique. I like the idea of the dechet. And one slowly gets to know more and more about the past wars, learning about the rifts and the after effects of the past. A complex and interesting world.
I think City of Light shines with the world building- my favorite part of the book.

Tiger is a great female lead and I really liked . This is mostly told from her POV. I loved her vulnerability, her strength and her level-headedness but also her utter kindness. She is a kick-ass hero, who is complex and likable. I liked her choices at the end - in fact I was so upset with Branna and her crew at the time, I felt I would have not been as kind as Tig at the time.
While I found that Branna and her crew were questionable at times- their actions absolutely infuriating- I am intrigued by them- I want to know more. Especially Jonas.
I found the ghost really an interesting part of this. Arthur used them very cleverly, more than that I loved how Tig interacted with them. Their reactions are totally believable and relatable. It ties in with the great world building and I love this aspect just as much.

The plot was despite the huge amount of action scenes quite slow- but steady. In fact not that much happens, I mean lots of battles and stuff but we actually not give that much. The mystery however does keep one entertained and guessing.
I liked the story line even if it is definitely same old same old for Arthur in some ways. Honestly: I thoroughly enjoyed it.
But I was left with a gazillion questions! The fact that I am going to have to wait a while before I get to read the next book is a huge issue! ( in the best possible way(

My biggest issue with this: The romance aspect and the smut. I don't exactly know why Arthur always let's the heroin sleep around- but well, she does. And the sex scenes here were not particularly good, nor did they make much sense to me. I liked Tig's chemistry with Jonas. I didn't think she had any chemistry with Sol. None whatsoever actually.
So I found their relationship off kilter and I didn't believe their supposed old bond.
It's actually quite odd, because Arthur usually excels on the romance parts.
The good news, the romances bits are rather a side track in this. Which was another surprise for me, since I expected this to be a PNR. Which this is not. I really liked that. I am however hoping that we will get some more romance in the next installment.

A solid start to a new series!
The world building is brilliant. I loved most of the character building and enjoyed the mystery and have high hopes for the next installment.
I am intrigued


Side note: I took a long while to read this. But not because the book wasn't any good- I had issues in how the ARC formated on my kindle. I found myself reading a page at times twice or thrice- took ages to read and was quite often distracted by the odd break in between sentences and even words.
I ended up downloading it onto my ipad and reading it on there... Don't ask me why I waiting for nearly half the book to do so, well actually I simply prefer to read novels on my paperwhite- it's way nicer to read on.
This is not a real issue connected to the book- I just thought I mention it, because it took me a couple of weeks to get through the book- which is an eternity really.
Once I gave in and just read it on my ipad- I read this in a few hours.