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Thicker Than Water - Brigid Kemmerer

My Initial Reaction :
No way no way! WTH?
You can't do this! You can't leave me hanging like THAT!
Is there another book? When is it coming out??

Okay okay. Let me calm down. I mean this is me freaking out because I want MORE.
This has Kemmerer written all over it: Fabulous Character building, interesting paranormal side track and the feels.... yeah THE FEELS... seriously don't ask me how she does it, but she does get exactly the reaction she wants from me, every freakn time. Maybe she is a bit like Tom? creepy really. Or maybe she is really good at writing? Well, she is a magician with words that's for sure.
And yet again the plot? There is so little we have been given. So so so little. And though the end is not technically a cliffy- it leaves you hanging. I just know I want more. Wait that's not right. I NEED MORE...


Now that I did have a while to think about it and calm down, there are two things that still stand out:

  • First: I want need more! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book- there will be another book right? Because if not... it would be rather an unsatisfying experience, actually.

  • Second: This has Kemmerer's MO written all over it. So if you a fan; you going to love this.  

This is well written. Just like one would expect from Kemmerer. It's a total rollercoaster of emotions. She made me gasp and had me devastated with the flick of her pen. She is queen of the Feels and Thicker Than Water just cemented this. Absolutely.

What it however also confirmed? She writes character driven novels. Not a bad thing by all means. The plot is just like in her previous books- rather on the thin side. If I would have to write a summary of the plot- I could do it in 3 sentences flat. Not an issue for me. I love character driven novels. The had several twists and turns but not many took me by surprise. I anticipated them. Still doesn't mean I didn't react. I knew that it was coming, but I still was devastated, excited or whatever rise Kemmerer wanted, which is why I liked this so much.

Kemmerer totally excels in character building. In fact the characters are so complex, I found myself surprised by some of them, rather than their actions. Kemmerer had me thinking I mapped out who is who only to change the ballgame halfway through. It made me reassess everything. I mean EVERYTHING. And that? Is feakn' amazing!
As I said, I want more. I want to know where they go from here. I need to work out who really is a villain, who is actually a victim- who is ok.. There is so much grey here, I still am working it all out.
While I found Thomas quite difficult to connect to- all that anger and confusion for the first bit of the book, I ended up totally feeling with him. I was distraught for him. I totally got where he was and why he was doing what he was doing. Not only that, I agree with his actions at the end.
Charlotte is strong, surprisingly so. And I adored her from the beginning. Then I found myself being worried that it was all a ruse, hoping she wasn't wrong. Felt her heartbreak and her hopes.
I want more of Charlotte and Thomas, but not only them. I feel there are so many stories behind her brothers, her family... Just like I said, Kemmerer wove complex surprising characters- not just the two MCs but also each and everyone in the support cast. I understood where Charlotte's family was coming from.

The world building is an amazing backdrop to the entire thing. It's neat and very clever. Sorta in the same token as Kemmerer's previous series. So paranormal elements that are interesting. But we've been given just bits and pieces- so I feel like I only got an idea behind something immense. I want more. But it's not like I didn't get enough. Kemmerer did a good job at giving me the scraps at the right moment, opening the paranormal aspects just when it was needed... Simply: Brilliant.

The only little warning to caution: This doesn't end in a total cliffy but it's open ended. I need more closure. Hence my utter hope that there will be several more books...

Another awesome book- hopefully series- by the master of character-driven awesomeness!
Absolute MUST READ!