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Closet Geeks and Slow Mo

Logan kinda ruined this for me at the end

Season of Second Chances - Brighton Walsh

I would have rated this higher for the first half...but then it was suddenly a bit well.. meh
I liked the chemistry between the MCs, I even enjoyed the smut. (I really did!! *SHOCK!!!*)
I absolutely loved how they ended up being thrown together again.
But I while I got the reasons the broke up. I found Claire quite bitchy and unreasonable, when she got upset. I mean, dude!, I get her - I am married to a workaholic- and sometimes I wanna choke him. But I believe there is a middle path and any successful relationship means to find that middle path. In my opinion a good relationship is a give and take, a continual re-negotiation of said middle path. Logan from being rather bossy and alpha goes to the total opposite, which put me off. I don't get why he had to sacrifice everything.
How about finding a solution together? Cause that works- trust me. And I did like mr. alpha way better than mr. let-me-do-whatever-you-want.
Well, don't like how Logan changed- it was too much IMO- but the smut makes this definitely read-worthy.