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Perfect Cute & Fluffy

Finding Perfect - Kendra C. Highley

Finding Perfect is the perfect cute & fluffy.
It's an easy read, with lots of feels and loads and loads of cutness.

I kept smiling and grinning through this one. Felt thoroughly entertained and all fuzzy at the end.

This is well written, then I have come to expect nothing else from Crush novels
The cast is really great. The different parents were interesting as well. Highley managed to write them all with little judgment and more importantly showing each friends issues, insecurities and strengths due to their situation. Except I found Paiges mother too over the top. And the issues with her, extreme, but I would have been fine if the resolve would have given us some more insight why she acted that way? It was all over sudden all over.. and done. Everybody is happy the end.
I loved Ben and Paige. The book is told from both POV. And not only could I relate, I was totally engaged in their slow burn romance. I was desperate for them to finally get there.... They are too cute for words and Highley simply written their chemistry to perfection. Super cute!
The story line is a new take on a good oldy. Highley did a great job making it her own. I was totally captured by it. Each little turn and twist had me grinning and gasping. In short Highley had me wrapped around her little finger and I cant wait to read more from her... and more importantly I can't wait to get my hand on Zoe's story

A super cute novel! Must read for lovers of the genre!! Cute & fluffy fix garantied!