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The Cherry on Top

For Valentine's (No Weddings, 4.5: a steamy nightcap novella) - Kat Bastion, Stone Bastion

Initial Reaction:


Gots me Cade fix ... Sad that it's over now :(

But it was good - Honey, closets, rooftop gardens and gondolas - couldn't ask for anything more!





Well, that's it. The last of Cade & Hannah and co. *queue sad face*


I am always a wee bit cautious when there is a novella at the end of a series. Experience taught me that I am often in for rather a disappointment than for a treat.

So I am beyond GLAD to say, this was good. In fact it was the cherry on top. Seriously. I love Cade (and Hannah). And I got all I could want from some more Cade-POV.


It's your perfect little cute&fluffy Valentine's fix with some delectable smut. And let's face it, we all deserve some extra smut since we waited two entire books to get some.

The banter between Cade and Hannah is still as fresh and amusing as in the first book. I love their little pj's and well it's what really made me fall in love with the two of them. We got some more little details added in this. Which keeps on amazing me. Seriously the Bastion's did some very good character building, and the details they added, just fabulous. This is a believable couple- their love for each other grounded, their relationship dynamic and full of sparks. I would be friends with them if they were in my RL.


There isn't much to say about the writing style, I obviously like it. I actually think that each installment of the series had an improvement. The writing style got better and better in my opinion. So well, For Valentine's has some beautifully written moments and is making me hope that we will see more books from this collaboration in the future.


The plot is actually rather action filled (and not just the smexy kind) and had me feeling all fuzzy grinny at the end. It's the perfect ending. I think I said that about Three Christmases.. but well, this one is even better.

The best part was "hanging"with Cade and Hannah again. The cast of No Weddings feel like old friends so this was awesome to revisit. I love when this happens and it speaks volumes about the character building.

I am really sad that it's over. But the end. It was the most real and perfect HEA. I totally adore this.


This would work as a stand alone. BUT why would your read this as one?! The series is to good to miss.


SOOOOO. Now all I got left... wondering what the Bastion's come up with next!