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FINALLY i got my cute & fluffy winter holiday fix!

His Christmas Wish - Marquita Valentine


I got my cute & fluffy winter holiday fix! It took me long enough. 
In fact after not being to sure if I will go on reading the series- this just convinced me that I will, one day.


Valentine has a knack for writing characters I like, which is why I go keep going back for more. I am after all a sucker for character driven romances.

Her writing style is great, I love the way she carefully sets up a story. They are well thought through and though this is light hearted she manages to add depth to the characters.

The story lines are hmm, alright, often not many surprises.You know, Romance. This one was a tad mooshy, a kinda HEA Romeo and Julia in fact - but who cares? I was thoroughly satisfied.


Beautiful prose, nice characters and good smut. Cute and fluffy with heat. And I discovered last year that Valentine is a nice person as well. See? all reasons to get this, get a hot drink, plunk in front of a fire place and have that holiday cute & fluffy fix taken care off.

The all around fuzzy happy cute & fluffy holiday fix.