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Twelve Dates of Christmas: The Ballad of Lula Jo - Jessie Evans

Sooo I had this great idea to read some Holiday novellas... I have a soft spot for winter lurv and having met le DH on 12/24 ... well, ok, I admit it I am a christmas romance sucker!

This however- OH DEAR! where to begin?


Well first the dialogues were way to corny. I mean who talks like this?

"I have a feeling you might get lucky." " I'm already lucky"

All the supposed cute banter was just too put on, it felt unreal. In fat it sounded like a corny rom-com. You know, the kind of movies you wonder who they were made for, cause they are so way out there so over the top when it comes to romance, surely no-one buys into that?


The writing style is in fact the only redeeming thing about this novella. Evans did some beautiful descriptions, I enjoyed her prose.


The story lines was. Well. Not much to tell about. It's your starcrossed lovers come second chances kinda thing. It's predictable and nothing new. I didn't mind the predictability by the way. It is a Christmas novella after all, I was after a cute and fluffy fix.

The end, well, uhm. The gnomes thing, really? I don't know how I feel about that. But I do know that I didn't really care any more because I was by that time so annoyed with the characters, I seriously could not care less.


The characters were all steriotypical AT BEST. They were dizzy idiots. I mean seriously?!

Mia seems kinda fluffy and small brained, Carter is mr. desperation deluxe, every one was weird and just unreal. I don't know if maybe Evans was trying to go for quirky? Sadly quirky it ain't not. Add the corny dialogues to their weird stuck up charaters and you got- certainly not cute and fluffy- more like irritating as hell.

I should have probably stopped at the prologue. Because I was already agitated by that. I mean really?! WTH? Have they never heard of a compromise?????


BUT crown for the most annoying thing in the novella goes to *drum roll* Lula.

So first she is being beyond unreasonable. I mean, she was not 15 she was 22. Then well

she behaves like a stuck up, judgmental, old spinster:


Her cousin had more enthusiasm than sense, but Lula didn't try to reason with Mia anymore. Some people were a lost cause, and all you could do was include them in your prayers before you went to sleep. 


I mean she is 33!!!! For heavens sake!


But then she totally reverts into a teenager:


Lula wrenched the door open and slammed inside, flipping the lock behind her and ignoring Carter's call for her to come back. She pounders up the stairs to her apartment, tears streaming down her cheeks. 


I MEAN she is 33 years old! WTF?! Excuse my french.

BUT seriously. She does not once not a single time behave like a reasonable person. She either is old, stuck-up, jealous  or she is a horny, moody, clingy teen. I won't even go into her clingy and control streak. Seriously.



Let's just leave it at this. I can not believe I wasted my precious reading time on this.



So I think she has the honour of being worst character of 2014!

Contrats LULA, the worst character 2014.