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Two Bar Mitzvahs (No Weddings) (Volume 3) - Kat Bastion, Stone Bastion

So this is it. The favorite from the No Wedding Series. 

I can actually say this because I am writing this review after I read the last instalment of No Weddings. 

I still think this is a tad bit long wound and I was wondering if the series would keep my attention. I also found that it always took a while to get into the books, this one made no exception. Actually it sorta did. I got into it quite fast but got a bit side tracked in the middle. Two reasons for this, first I am super mega busy at the moment so I have very little reading time. Second, well again we got the long wound problem. But there was a wee bit more. I was not convinced by the villain. She seem way too cliche and over the top. Which is probably my biggest issue with this book. While all the character building is really meticulously done, with so much thought of detail, so precise one feels like one knows the two MCs personally, they feel real. The support cast, while great, feels a wee bit too cliche. Some of them are just too good to be true, others too bad to be true. 

The story line was a tad bit over the top - at least when it comes to Maddy. But the reactions of Hannah and Cade through all of it? DAMN! That could have been Mr.O and I. SO this struck me hard and deep and that's the reason this is my favorite. It also is the reason why I was gleefully happy that I had a copy of Three Christmases waiting on my kindle. But the other reason I loved this so much, in fact what I adore about this series, besides all that I have mentioned in the previous books: CADE.

Yes, he is just undeniable hot stuff.

Let's examine this a wee bit closer:




Kincade Joseph Michaelson


dark hair, blue eyes, chiselled handsome features. Broad shoulders,toned body

Sounds great doesn't it, but he ain't just pretty.

great business mind, well educated, loyal, daring, protective, strong family ties, independent, clever, great humor, honest, generous...


and his best asset: total potty mouth and witty


How do you resist this?




I'm a guy; we go there. Not gonna feel guilty about it. 


Kikki grabbed another miniature sandwich. It was her fourth; I'd been counting. 

And still, when you added hem all together, it didn't equal a whole sandwich


"Are you two coming?"Kendal popped her head around the corner. No. But we'd like to be.


Where did those annoyed looks originate, anyway? Women must've patented the damned thing and gifted the ability to each other when men weren't paying attention.


The answer you don't. Well, let me rephrase that- I couldn't resist. 

So the four stars are simply because I couldn't resist, I was a sighing happy mess by the end. Thanks to Cade. 


But just chalking it up to mr. dirty talking hotness would not do this justice. As I said, I can related to Hannah and Cade, their actions mirror my choices in life.. so it's simply great character building and wonderful writing that earn this 4 shiny stars. Kudos to the two authors. 

PS I still got questions!!!


Oh speaking of questions:


Fuck. Do all women have an ingrained ability to remember old resolved screw-up to recycle at a later date?

YEP, Cade we do.