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Written in Red - Anne Bishop

My audiobook for this week.



I've heard really good stuff about the series and a friend specifically recommended that I listen to the audio.


I adore audiobooks. Even if they take at least double the time than reading it myself. At the moment I really have no time to read. Well, nearly no time, I basically got a wee bit of time on the weekend. But I am doing lots of driving and studio work- which means I got time to listen to audiobooks. So I am not totally deprived of books, thank goodness. Just needed to say this! 


Now to THIS audio:

The narration is really really well done. Seriously I think it is one of the best I have listened to.

The worldbuilding of this is astounding. I am totally and utterly sucked in by the world Bishop has created

The plot is just coming together and I can't wait to get back into the studio... cause well I need to know what's going to happen...

Character building- just wow.

So halfway in I am totally taken, let's hope this is going to keep going like this- But so far it's at least 4 stars....


I am so happy right now.