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A hard one to review

One Funeral (No Weddings Book 2) - Kat Bastion, Stone Bastion

I found this one really hard to review. 

Because in general I like this series. But somehow I felt a bit bored and I kept wondering if this is going to keep my attention until the end, we talking four books here after all. 

I encountered the same issues I had in the first instalment. But for some reason I enjoyed this one less. Not because there was no chemistry, not because Cade and Hannah's banter had ceased to amuse and neither was the writing style less good. 

As established in the first book- I still adore all those things. 

So I thought long and hard about this. 

I came up with two reasons: first I actually missed Cade, his POV was more amusing for me. Second this felt too real. Yeah I know, that sounds so ridiculous. 

But I actually read romance for the cute & fluffy factor. And while this is sweet and heartfelt- and has its cute moments- it definitely fails at being fluffy. I don't know yet why this is not a good thing. I might be a tad unreasonable about it. But the bottom line, I enjoyed it less than I'd hope to.

If I found the first book too long wound, this one felt worse. But I also do see the merit in the slow storyline here, more than in the first, because this one did a lot - a hell of a lot - of character building. I really like Cade and Hannah. I connect with them, understand the way the think and relate to them. More and more with each passing page. 

I still adore the support cast- but I think they a tad bit of a small group. I expected Cade to have way more friends- don't ask me why. Then the sisters seem to have only Cade's friends... which makes the support cast feel a wee bit too set up for being, well, the support cast. 


I was left with questions- again.. adding to all the questions I had for Kat and Stone before.. but also I wanted to know what Cade thought, what Cade discussed in his therapy sessions... Basically I was left wanting more Cade. *sigh*


Oh and I got some good news! There is smut. Well, there is one sex scene.

BUT - yes there is ALWAYS a but - it is right AT THE END of the book. 

Yep, one has to read through two books of chemistry, attraction and yearning to finally get that reward. And a reward it is! Seriously, it's great smut!


I am left wanting more and hoping that the next instalment should leave me more satisfied...