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I was in whispersync heaven

Winters Heat - Cristin Harber

After having read one of the novellas and book 2 in the series before I decided to start at the beginning and give this series a go... AND I did this as an audiobook, which was the best idea EVER!
I honestly think I enjoyed this way way way better read to me by Jeffrey Kafer than reading it myself. His voice... is just want this book needed. Seriously! I have in fact decided to wait for the rest of the series to be published as audiobooks -cause well, Kafer's voice is too much of an enticement to pass up.
There is allot of action, alpha dudes and some pretty good smut.. a fun suspense romance. In some ways this is nothing new- oh wait actually in many ways this is absolutely nothing new. Harber has not reinvented the wheel. It isn't some great liturarly feat as well. But it is well written and rather entertaining. Especially when read by Mr. Kafer.
Which is possibly the most surprising thing ever. When I started this I wasn't so sure I was gonna like it- I mean the deep rather alpha sounding dude voice that was reading it... well I wasn't sure at all. But I thought to myself- oh well, thank goodness for whispersync
--BTW I really adore whispersync it's the best invention straight after my kindle
But as I said now plenty of times I ended up loving the narration. It's just how I would imagine Winter to sound like.
So besides the usual usual this is an entertaining action cute & fluffy with a good dose of smut. If you thinking about getting it- get the audio- I promise you won't regret it!