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So disappointing!

The Vault of Dreamers - Caragh M. O'Brien

I simply couldn't get into this book. I tried several times, because I like the concept. Sadly the execusion was poorly at best.
Since I only read around 40%, I can't really give a full account of the plot. But basically my biggest issue was with the pace of it. It was too slow, way too slow. It took me forever to just find my barings, and so far there wasn't any fabulous sci-fi stuff going on at all.
The world building was just not there- at least so far.
The writing was pretty good.
From what I gathered so far of the book, this is another dystopian with Hunger Game tendencies.. which quite frankly has been done way to many times now.
Just not my kinda thing, very sadly, since I was anticipating this one for ages!