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CRAWL (Author's Preferred Edition) Giveaway!

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From an upcoming interview:


Maria Hunter Welles provides the performance of a lifetime. Her narration of Edward Lorn's novelette, CRAWL, is the author's preferred edition. We got a chance to ask him why.

Edward Lorn says: "CRAWL, by itself, is fine and whatnot, but Maria's performance makes this piece extraordinary. She brings life and passion to the work, and Julie truly breathes and bleeds. You don't listen to this audio book, you experience it." 

I promise this is not lip-service, jaw-jacking, or smoke being blown up your ass. I truly feel this way. The text version of CRAWL pales in comparison to Maria's performance, and I'd much rather have people listen to her version than read the ebook. Maria captured every character's voice and personality perfectly. She also managed to perform Silas (the thing in the woods) as I originally intended, in a way that I believe I failed to get across on the written page. You truly must listen to this one to believe it. Maria put her heart and soul into CRAWL, and I want to share her with everyone. This isn't your typical audio book. It's a stage performance with an entire cast, or one of those old dramatized radio programs. 
So here's your chance to win one of five copies. Click on the image below to enter the giveaway here on Booklikes, but be quick about it, as the promotion is only a week long. Oh, and share away!
One more thing, if you want to hear a sample, clich HERE.