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Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

Don't Even Think About It - Sarah Mlynowski

I really love the concept of this book.I like Mlynowski's sense of humor. But somehow it wasn't quite what I expected. Somehow it missed the mark. Somehow, though it was nice, it failed to excite me.

I love the concept. It's clever and fun, well thought through and worked out. I love the little details Mlynowski thought of; the eye colour, crying and sunglasses and many other bits. 

The storyline is sweet. Quite straight forward but I find in a way that's Mlynowski's strength. Straight forward, sweet stories that make for light and cute entertaining.

The character building was ok. We talking 22 MCs here. And frankly I was worried I wouldn't remember them or get confused. Cause we all know my name memory is atrocious at best. But I had no problems keeping up- which in my opinion says a lot about Mlynowski's skill as a story teller. 
Naturally having 22 MC's means we didn't get to know them in dept. They are your typical high school students- so you have the popular girl, her bestie, the shy girl, the nerd, the cool fun dude, the achiever - you name it they there. And they have typical high school kid's problems. Being in love with your bestie, cheating, first dates, parent getting divorced ect. Again this covers a whole spectrum of issues. None of them are in covered with debth but they there- and somehow it all feels quite real and very realistic.

So all of this is the making for a good book, right? 
Right, except after finishing the book I have to say- it should made more of an impact. Because Mlynowski did touch on some interesting issues. And the whole ESP thing was really well thought through. I mean; what does it mean if a bunch of kids suddenly do get ESP? But well, this didn't make me dwell on that, I just thought wow, yeah that would be crazy and moved on. Then if you expect loads of gossip - that doesn't happen either, no it's kinda brushed on and that's that. The different characters issues, Mlynowski touched on, but they never touched me. I liked the MC's, but never really cared. 

My biggest issue was the writing style. Let me first say, I like Mlynowski's prose, I've read previously released novels of hers. And this has her signature light hearted humor and is definitely her way of telling a story. It's just that the way this is written, somehow did make me fail to connect with the characters. 
And after thinking about this, the only thing I can say- the POV is to blame. 
This is written from the POV of all 22MCs- in we form. Yep. And while at first I thought it was quite fun and so clever- after having finished the book. Well it kinda didn't work for me. And I can't quite explain why. It just somehow didn't. 
Yep, we have the worst possible scenario. Writing style is the most important thing in a book for me. Sadly Don't Even Think About It is proof of this. Because though I can't quite fault it, the writing style wasn't my cup of tea.

Though in theory I should really love this, and there are many aspects I did love, overall this was a good read. But it didn't know me off my socks nor did I feel particularly attached to a character. No, it kinda washed over me, it was entertaining but when it was done, I happily moved on to my next read. Not even a second lost in thought. 

So I can recommend this for someone who is looking for a light fun read. And got to say this is one definitely for a younger audience- I think the 12-15yrs old kind of audience will adore this book.