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Dirty Magic - Jaye Wells

I feel kind divided about this one. Because there were some awesome parts and some things that grated one me.
It was also interesting to see the reactions of my GR friends. Their ratings were just as divided. Some people enjoyed it others just found it annoying.



Let's start with the prose because that's in the middle for me. It's well written and enjoyable but I wouldn't describe it as amazing writing style.

The plot was fun. Never a dull moment. There was always something happening. 400pages of action. There were some fun twist and turns, and though none surprised me, I enjoyed the ride. I was worried about a love triangle coming up- well I still am worried that one will come up...


The world building was brilliant. Seriously! I loved the idea of dirty magic, magic addicts, the caldrons- just down my alley.


The character building, well sadly not my favorite part. I found Kate annoying. Well, not at first but as the book went on- her stubbornness just grated on me. I can't stand the whole black and white view she has. And her bravado and pride kinda didn't help that one.
All the other characters were a bit cliche and rather done before. New hot partner, rebellious darling bro, stuck-up boos and the bestie, well you name them, not only weren't they done before, they also didn't brake the mould throughout the story. As the story progresses not a single character did any growth or change or made me see them in a different light.


Though this has finished a chapter of a part of a story- it did feel like the set up for the next book.


But all in all I did enjoy this. It's fast, it's kickass and it's entertaining. I actually think this would be a cool tv series- bit of dark angel, a dash of sin city and a good portion of alias- always my cup of tea ;)
I am planning to read the next one.
This is for lovers of the genre who are looking for some action and fun world building.