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Revenge of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson

Revenge of a Chalet Girl - Lorraine   Wilson

I read the previous book in the series- though they were slightly ditzy - they were also cute and fluffy and quite enjoyable. 
I started the series, simply because I was a chalet girl once upon a time. Well a real chalet girl- what we Swiss think is a chalet girl- not what apparently Wilson considers a chalet girl. 
Verbier is one of the best snowboarding spots in the Alps in my opinion and I actually learnt skiing at the age of 2 and a decade later in the neighbor valley- so I know the region pretty good. 
So frankly Chalet Girls has little to do with Verbier and the reality of the life or the people who are there. But in the first two book I just chalked it up as creative freedom and fictional interpretation. 
This did however not work in Revenge of a Chalet Girl. Because honestly this felt more like a over the top day soap than a cute and fluffy read set in my favorite romantic setting. Well, as I said I know the area- and jacuzzis or a spar are the lamest attempts to set a mood. Trust me, I DO know, since the only way I gobble up cute and fluffy as a straight down sugary romance is when it's set in wintery snows and preferably in the mountains. IMO nothing says romance more than that setting. But Wilson completely ignored the beautiful setting- and went for cliche beyond boring cliche. 
But I could have even lived with that- except the Characters were all really really really annoying. I couldn't handle Amy's sopping from get go. But oh well, i thought, what effs- it will get cute and funny, she will snap out of it. 
UHM well she didn't. She not only never got a backbone- she behaved really pathetically. 
Then there is mr. love-interest. Josh, was -well wth?! - I couldn't believe his reasoning nor his behavior. 
Then there is the nemesis- could she have been more caricaturistic biatch? Trust me when I say - hell no!
So from being kinda slightly overdramatic but fun, cute and fluffy this series just took a tern to what's going on? 
I am not sure if I will read the next one. I will definitely check it out, because call me sentimental but I still have hope- the setting after all is sooooo romantic and Wilsons writing style is really enjoyable. So fingers crossed Revenge of a Chalet Girl was just a sidestep to awful.