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Easy - Tammara Webber 4.5stars

A really good read. One gets thrown into the deep end right in the beginning and while the first few pages set a tone for the book, they dont overshadow it. Its an interesting and realistic take on serious issues. There weren't many surprises, one can predict quite a bit that comes, but it doesnt really matter the journey there is interesting and captivating.

Jaqueline is a great MC, one can totally relate to her. She's reflects a lot of young women in my opinion, especially in the beginning. She tries her very best to be nice, puts others in front of her interests. Then through the difficulties she encounters - the break up with her boyfriend to start with- she is forced to grow and take on life to her best abilities. which she does after a couple of weeks of moping.
Most of the characters are very realistic and get more and more depth as one gets to know the through the book.

Which is exactly one of the things i loved about this book. It is like meeting a new circle of people, one get to know them slowly and as time goes by one learns more and more new things about them. The different relationships between them is another thing that made this book a great read.

I really love Webbers way of writing; its straight forward, captivating and with much insight. Im looking forward to many more books of her!