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The Airship Captain's Daughter (Sex and Steam) - Sapphire Del Rey I love Steampunk and I thought a little fun hot Steampunk would just be the right thing to read today, I expected M.Brooks kinda steamy airship fun. Instead I got basically just a sex scene. Set in Steampunk Victorian times- the world building bits and pieces were the best part of the novella btw. BUT the sex scene? First the woman got basically raped, then forced to oral and after that got some unwanted butt sex. REALLY?! So let's say we think some women like it rough, NO still means FREAKN NO!!!
But on top of that to add insult to injury the language is horrifying. The choice words that Del Rey has for vagina are just simply disgusting.
So not what I bargained for when I started this. Definitely one of the worst things I read this year.