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Love Unexpected - Anne   Leigh,  KMS Editing,  Okay Creations Caution this review does contain some minor spoilers!

This was interesting - though maybe not in the way the author intended.
I learned a lot about what kind of romance novels I don't like reading this.
Honestly hearing how hot Zander is was beyond boring. Half way through the book I felt like ok- he is hot, I got you don't have to mention it another ten gazillion times.
Same thing with Sedona- they hot- we got the message. And uber-hot super couple ... can we move on.
And the sex bleh! It just was not good. I dont even know where to start. The first time was not impressive. Also it was always so quick - mean the author put even emphasis on it!
I like smut - every now and then - but here they just went through the motions, quickly. NO sensuality EVER. And for some reason I got left with the feeling that the author is obsessed with juices...
The worst scene of all:

"Before I could say anything else, his hands were all over me.
He was kissing my hair, my face, and my lips. He was touching me everywhere.
I responded willingly. I missed him so much. Next thing I knew, I was being carried to the bed without any clothes on.
He must have gotten rid of his clothes too because he was naked.
When he entered me, I was slick with my own juices. My body missed him. My mind longed for him. And my heart ached for him.
We didn't last long. In less than 5 minutes, we were both panting, out of breath, and his fluids were mixed with mine."

I read it thrice actually- kept on thinking i missed something- its a make up scene. And I kept thinking REALLY? juices 5min panting? that's it?
This scene epitomizes exactly what the book lacked when it came to the smut.

When it came to the general story line it was your rather usual romance formula- again this book made clear to me what kind of romance novels i actually like or don't like- will elaborate at the end ;)

What I did like was their relationship with their friends. Especially Sadona and Kierans relationship.
The whole college environment, their families and their relationship with them.
In that way Z and S were really wonderful character. Strong, loyal and caring.
The POV's very actually quite well written, distinctive styles for each character and if the overlapped really fun to reread a situation

The epilogue actually was a totally game changer. And i totally hate it. It ruined something I really liked about the book. And it pissed me off!

All in all the book was ok but not really my cup of tea

so last but not least:
reading this I found that I while I dont enjoy 50pgs long sex scenes, if I read smut I want to read about good sex. Besides for some reason I kinda get bored easily of it, I think I prefer smut novellas actually.
When it comes to romance, i prefer it when there is either lots of action happening or if there are feisty characters especially with good banter.
Which I am afraid to say means, I am not big on smut or romance books.