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Opal (A Lux Novel)

Opal  - Jennifer L. Armentrout 1.5 Stars

That's the question i am stuck with after reading this....
While I liked the first book enough- i think Armentrout got Katy's feelings right in Obsidian, all the emotional stuff so 17year old girl -- i was totally disappointed in Onyx. Katy was just whining all the way, but at least there was some action at the end...
This book well there was some action.. but not the kind I was hoping for. NOTHING actually happened in Opal. I mean there were entire chapters of Daemon and Katy making out and telling each other how much the are into each other. BUT that's about all there happened. About halfway in I thought this would be actually better than Onyx, I was hoping they would do something.
AS I said, well they didn't.
I wont even go into any of the characters, because there wasnt much character building done in the last couple of books of these Series. Blake the creepy villain came back, and I think it was a really bad attempt by Armentrout to make one wonder where he stands and what his plans are... I found she tried way too hard, and it was totally transparent. So no surprise there.

So I am still left with the WHY? Why write 5books in a Series when the story could have made 2 or 3 good books? Why write this book, a book that has very little story line? HONESTLY Why?

Will I read the next book?
I wasn't going to read Opal- so I guess never say never!