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Wicked as They Come (Blud)

Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson The cover caught my first interest, I really like it, second was the title. Like it as well.
When I read the discribtion I thought this could be another vamp story as usual, still gave it a try. and I am so glad I did.

The story starts in our world and time, when letitia the narrator finds a locket in a estate sale of one of her former patients. Through the locket, which was enchanted by criminal stain, she end up in sang. A parallel world to ours full of blud creatures. while there her locket gets stolen and criminy helps her hunt for it.

The story is quirky and different, there is a love triangle, adventure and the question of commitment

sang is a very different world with similarities to Victorian England. I love the parallel world that Dawson created, while it is new it's not completely alien but still very different and surprising
I really love criminy with his clear convictions and wicked sense of humour. He is a well accomplished, dangerous bad boy who is prepared to pay the prize for what he wants. While he is handsome and rather a bit of a superhero, he is not one of those to dye for perfect vamps, rather he describes himself as a preditor and so does the narrator. Wild and powerful.
letitia is a good hearted,genuine person who is still scared by her last relationship and as much as she is impressed by her two suitors she doesn't fall easily for them or swoons to their every whim. The choices she makes make sense and on her journey she slowly finds herself transforming and discovering more about herself and what she is looking for. While she is at times lost in the new and strange world she is a strong women not a constant damsel in distress
I totally could relate to her. her fears of being trapped in a relationship and why she made her choices.
Love the passage where she discovers how one cand be bound to someone without being trapped. It's not only beautiful it also is very true for me on a personal level

All in all, a really well told fun story that mixes many genres with great skill!