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Keeping Her: A LOSING IT Novella

Keeping Her - Cora Carmack I do really love this series, while I have been waiting for Finding it to be finally released, it was more then exciting to get to visit Carmack's characters again. Being given the opportunity to read the ARC of this, it totally jumped at it. I was more than eager to revisit Garrick and Bliss. Losing it was fun, cute, sexy and all around a great read.
BUT while this is really well written. I love Carmack's writing. It also was a bit to angsty and melodramatic for me.
I kept on thinking were the two of them this melodramatic in Losing it?
To be honest I don't remember them being like this. And it's one of the reasons this 'only' got 3 Stars.

The novella is written from Garrick's and Bliss POV. It was fun visiting London with them. Actually one of my favorite scenes is the day the spent in London. Again Carmack's writing, spot on! I felt like actually was visiting my old stomping grounds. She got it just spot on.
Garrick's family was such an explanation to his behavior in Loosing it. And his mates? They were so picture book British! They actually reminded me of some really good British of mine. I instantly loved them.

All in all this was a fun read. Lovers of the series will definitely enjoy it. But if you would look at it just as a short story? It completely failed!
I think the new trend of writing novellas in-between the series is fun, but for some reason authors throw out every kind of rule on short stories and just relay on the fact that the series is a success. I actually really love well written short stories and find that half the time I am left dissatisfied with those novellas. Don't get me wrong, I DID enjoy this. Carmack's prose is great. But if you haven't read Losing It and really liked it, I would not recommend to read this. Because if you look at it separately the story line is rather cliche and the entire build of the story is not one of a short story but rather one of a -rather long epilogue. While the support characters are quite well done, the MCs totally relay on the first book.
So the bottom line: If you love the series and wanna revisit Garrick and Bliss. This is a must read, a quick and fun read one. Just keep in mind that's all you will get.

ARC was provided by Publishers through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.