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My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One) (Volume 1)

My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling See when I read the blurb to this book I was really excited! I loved Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. It was shallow, a bit crude (loads of cursing) and at times cliche but mostly I really loved Darlings wicked sense of humor. That book made me grin! So when I saw my Ex from Hell on Netgalley- there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it. I mean Darling has a wicked sense of humor- and the blurb sounded fun...

My Ex From Hell is a romantic comedy/Greek mythology smackdown. Romeo and Juliet had it easy

Sounds good?
But if you expect Sam Cruz style fun, sorry but you not going to find it here. There still were moments. YES, as I said, Darling has wicked sense of humor. But mostly it's rather anticlimactic!

The whole story line is a twist to the famous greek myth of Hades and Persephone. I love mythology, if you expect somehow a re-telling of it... this isn't happening at all. It's a new take. Like completely new. Because Darling added Kai into the occasion, who is Persephone's/Sophie's love interest rather than Hades- who is Kai's father. Frankly that didn't bother me much. The thing that did bothered me, was that the whole thing felt somewhat all over the place, not well planned and then suddenly rushed and finished.
All this stuff is happening- and suddenly it's all over. And the unfolding storyline is kinda disappointing. I felt like, that was it?

The character building was really lacking. I didn't really relate or care for any of them. (Unlike in Sam Cruz)
Sophie was rather conceited and annoying most of the time.
Theo was probably my favorite out of all the characters, not that I felt he stood out much. Or that he is much rounded character. He just seemed more interesting and had a little bit of mystery going. But on the other hand he was just the gay bestie...
And Hannah? Well it felt like Darling just added a BFF sidekick because that's just how it's done.
Kai, was supposed to be dark and mysterious. But again, I found him lacking. Not quite dark enough or mysterious- not even unpredictable. He did have his moments- but overall just like all the other character he felt unfinished and forgettable
The relationships between Sophie and the other Characters are all without fail rather cliche. Her relation ship with Kai had a brief interesting bits. But sadly, what I guess, was supposed to be cute or fun banter, was annoying bickering.
Most characters fell short. The villains were not only predictable, they also were a bit disappointing, week and rather unexciting.
Again. I felt like the entire process was rushed or not much care was put into it.

Darling's writing style is direct and fast paced. And she did manage to make me laugh (hence I rounded my rating up) - but would I have not read her debut novel, I would probably not bother with future books. Because this does definitely not show her best side.

So all in all, I was disappointed. While I like the idea of the book, I felt it had not much of a follow up. It's mostly disappointing because I know that Darling could have done better!
I can't go too much into detail, because it would be a review full of spoilers. So all I can say is that the end felt like a quick tidy session, the character building was disappointing and I'm still waiting for the fun smackdown we were promised!
Will I read the next installment to this series? Hell yes! Who knows? Hopefully in the next book Darling will live up to my expectations!

ARC was provided by Publishers through Netgalley. Thank you!